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OfficeReady Business Plans
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OfficeReady™ Business Plans

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Totally integrated with Microsoft Office, OfficeReady Business Plans is easy-to-use and also offers expert advice & sample documents that make the arduous process of writing a business plan easier than you ever thought possible.

Take a look at some examples of OfficeReady Business Plan templates below:
Year 1 Sales ForecastView >

Worksheet for the sales forecast for the first year of the planning period.

Start-up CapitalizationView >

Forecasts the amount of Capital Stock and Long-Term Debt required to start-up your venture.

Personnel PlanView >

Helps you estimate your payroll expenses in three categories: Direct Payroll, Selling Payroll, and General & Administrative Payroll.

Income StatementsView >

Allows you to prepare projected income statements for the five-year planning period.

Balance SheetsView >

Shows what you own – assets, owe – liabilities, and the equity of the owners.

Break-Even AnalysisView >

Calculates a break-even point, achieved at the moment the sales volume covers all costs (both fixed and variable).

Plan vs. ActualView >

Contains projected Income Statements, Cash Budgets, and Balance Sheets into which you can enter actual results.