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Watch how it works - product videosHTML Email Templates
Design your own online newsletters, ads, stationery, promotions, invites, catalogs, calendars… we’ll spare you the whole list.  But trust us: if you conceive it, you can create it with High Impact eMail. Watch video >
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product videoseMail Designer
Ever used Microsoft Word?  Great!  Adding & editing text is as easy as typing in a Word document.  With familiar commands, it’s a walk in the park to bold, hyperlink, change colors, bullet lists, etc. Watch video >
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product videosPhoto Editor
Check out just some of the functions of the built-in Photo Editor (you may know of certain pricier, more complicated design software that does this sort of thing):
  • Crop, resize & rotate images to perfectly fit into unique sockets (circles, rounded edges, cut-outs, etc.)
  • Drag & drop images into any position within your email design
  • Modify brightness, contrast & transparency
  • Apply grayscale, motion blurs, burns, oil effects & more
  • Watch video >
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product videosColor Management
High Impact’s color system is unique & easy: it’s based on themes that you can create that match your business, or to represent seasons or special occasions. Save your themes for quick future application to any template.  A handy Color Picker tool plucks precise colors from your website or logo, or any document or image. Watch video >
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product videosProfile Management
Save time with a profile of your name, logo & contact info that inserts easily into any template. High Impact eMail supports multiple profiles – the more the merrier! Watch video >
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product videoseMail List Management
Import your contact lists from Access, ACT!, CSV (comma delimited), tab delimited, DBF, Excel, Outlook/Outlook Express & QuickBooks – & then conveniently manage lists right from your Desktop.  With the Platinum version, you can even manage your contact lists online (with local back-up). Watch video >
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product videoseMail Personalization
Be more effective using your contacts' information in the subject line & body of every email. Watch video >
Because we’re nice & really want your emails to display reliably, High Impact eMail comes with free online storage for images, PDFs & Word, Excel & PowerPoint documents.  The ReadyShare Manager correctly uploads & references all images in your email template.  Or, if you want, upload images directly to your own server.
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product videosEmail Delivery
People ask us, how do you send emails with High Impact eMail 5?
Here's the scoop:
  • Send campaigns with Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, ACT!, Windows Mail, Live Mail & Gmail
  • Or Export to HTML – in a few simple steps, push the HTML of your email into any major online email service provider (Constant Contact, iContact, MailChimp, InfusionSoft, ExactTarget & many more)
  • Watch video >
(Platinum Version Only)
Engage more customers by automatically saving information from sign-ups on your website directly to an email list.  Also, include an unsubscribe link in every email campaign & make your life a little easier with High Impact eMail instant unsubscribe feature: unsubscribers are removed from your list right away.
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You'll never have to worry that your email template designs are out-of-date. Add fresh, new email templates to High Impact eMail 5 every month with a subscription to the TemplateZone Store.
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